What type of development does the document provide guidance on?

    The New World City design guide – Subtropical homes for a Brisbane lifestyle Low-to-medium density residential provides design guidance for attached townhouses, apartments, duplex’s and triplex’s, up to 5 storeys in all suburbs of Brisbane where multiple dwellings can be built. It is not specific to townhouses, apartments duplex’s and triplex’s in Low – medium density residential zones.

    Who can use this guide?

    Anyone who is interested in quality design outcomes of low-to-medium density residential dwellings, including the community (people buying or renting), builders, building designers, architects, landscape architects and other built environment professionals can use this guide.

    How will this guide help me achieve quality design outcomes?

    The guide should be used to guide the design process for development proposals for townhouses and apartments up to 5 storeys.  It may be used during pre-lodgement meetings with architects, planners, building designers and council staff about how quality design will be achieved through the development project. Consideration of the ideas put forward in this document is encouraged to ensure the local context is considered and ideas related to green and leafy neighbourhoods, subtropical design, liveability and functionality, and visual appeal and identity are incorporated in the development. The guide outlines the design outcomes and approach that planners, developers and builders are expected to achieve when they deliver homes that are suited to Brisbane. The guide can also be used by residents when they are looking at investing (buying or renting) in this type of residential dwelling as a checklist for buying quality design in Brisbane. 

    When will the final document be available?

    Council will review feedback, and then draft the strategy and amend the design guide accordingly. Final versions of the strategy and guide will be published and provided to the community and industry in late 2019.

FAQ - Design-led City - a design strategy for Brisbane

    How was the design strategy consultation document developed?

    Over the last six months, the project team have undertaken significant consultation with internal Council staff, as well as working with a targeted group of industry professionals. This, coupled with background research into similar projects from across the world, helped to inform the proposed values, priorities and actions which are included in the consultation document. As a result of the feedback received during the Plan Your Brisbane consultation, the Design Strategy has been developed to respond to the communities’ desire for a better designed city, as well as the development industry’s need for increased certainty in relation to what Council considers design excellence.

    When will the full design strategy document be available?

    Adoption is proposed for October/November 2019.

    What type of development will the design strategy influence?

    The design strategy will influence all forms of development, both private and public, within the built environment – open spaces, parks, streets, buildings, infrastructure projects. The priorities, design values and actions set out in the strategy will guide design processes and outcomes across all elements of the built environment. 

    Who will deliver the actions identified in the design strategy?

    Council will play a large role in delivering the actions in the design strategy, but the development industry, built environment professionals and communities will also need to play their part in delivering quality design outcomes for Brisbane. 

    What is the timeframe for implementing the strategy?

    Design-led City: a design strategy for Brisbane is a corporate strategy, which sets a long term vision and priorities for the city. Once the strategy is adopted, it will align with the Vision 2031 objectives and timeframes. 

    What will my feedback be used for?

    The feedback received during consultation will be used to refine the draft values, priorities, and actions to be input into the final strategy which will be released in late 2019. 

    How will the strategy be enforced/mandated?

    The design strategy will be a non-statutory corporate document, meaning it is not enforceable through City Plan. However, the strategy provides the overarching direction for design across Brisbane, and will be implemented by a suite of supporting tools, policies and other mechanisms. Some of these tools will have a regulatory function, while others will support, incentivise and advocate for quality design. 

    Having a corporate city-wide commitment to quality design and a consistent approach and direction will be a valuable resource for Council, the development and design industry, and the community. The strategy will guide design outcomes across all elements of the built environment.

    What else is Council doing to improve design quality in Brisbane?

    Other Council strategies and projects aimed at improving design quality in Brisbane include:

    To find out more about design in Brisbane, you can visit the following page: