Have skate facilities been included in the proposed Davies Park improvement plan?

    A multi-use games area is proposed near Montague Road to allow for activities such as handball, rebound tennis, hopscotch or riding scooters or skateboards.  You can provide your feedback on the proposed multi-use games area by completing the online survey.

    Why is a new location proposed for the community garden?

    Soil investigations of the area have resulted in restrictions being placed on some activities within the Jane Street Community garden. Council has been working with representatives from the Jane Street Community Garden since late 2017 to put in place these mitigation measures, and to consider longer term options for the garden.

    Council is proposing to invest in remediating a new site within Davies Park to support the reintroduction of currently restricted activities and provide for a more permanent tenure.

    The new location offers the same size area and fencing would be provided behind the soccer field. Council would work with the garden members to determine how to achieve the best outcome for the community at this new location.

    Moving the garden would also help to preserve the life of the mature fig trees as it reduces activity above the roots.

    We welcome your feedback on the proposed location for the garden as part of the Davies Park improvement plan engagement process.

    Why is this location proposed for the relocation of the community garden?

    • It will provide a remediated site, where clean soil will allow the community garden to reintroduce activities, such as planting and harvesting edible deep-rooted plants and composting directly into the ground.
    • The garden will be located centrally, along what is proposed to become the primary connection through the park.
    • It is next to the proposed open space, where community members and their families can play and relax away from the road.
    • It is located away from healthy mature fig trees.
    • The garden will allow the health of the mature fig trees to improve over time by restricting activity above the roots of the trees.

    Why not remediate the existing community garden site?

    Remediation of the existing site is not possible due to the extensive root system of the neighbouring fig trees. In our last consultation phase, community feedback indicated the iconic fig trees were one of the most important features of Davies Park.

    What are the proposed key features?

    New green spaces and connections.  

    A new grassy open space is proposed to cater for a variety of recreational activities with a perimeter pathway and lighting.  This involves the partial removal and reshaping of existing earth mounds, relocation the Southern Suburbs Rugby League Football Club boundary fence and installing new gravel pathways through mulched areas to improve access between the park and street and improve views. Upgraded park roadwayThe internal park roadway from Montague Road to the new toilet block is proposed to be upgraded to create a low-speed shared zone for vehicles, pedestrians and market-goers.  The majority of car parking spaces will be retained to improve safety.  

    Pathway lighting is proposed to be installed and trees planted to provide shade for park and markets users. There is potential to treat the roadway surface artistically to celebrate West End’s unique character.

    Creative play area

    A play area is proposed, using the existing natural slope of the park, with features that may include an embankment slippery slide and nature-themed play features.

    Multi-use hard court

    A multi-use hard court is proposed to replace the existing sand courts. The fully-fenced and gated court allows for shared community and lessee use. The remaining sand and earth mounds will be removed to provide additional recreational areas in the future.

    A multi-use games area is proposed near Montague Road to allow for activities such as handball, rebound tennis, hopscotch or riding scooters or skateboards.

    Relocation of the community garden

    The community garden is proposed to be relocated to a more central area within the park, allowing the existing location to be restored, and in turn, help improve the health of the iconic fig trees. Some of the existing Bauhinia trees that are in poor condition due to past storm damage are proposed to be removed and replanted using cuttings grown from the original trees.

    Drainage upgrades

    A new drainage system to address flooding along the roadway at the eastern end of the park.

    Additional features

    Installing new park furniture including seats, picnic tables and drinking fountains. Relocating the toilet block to improve views to the river.

    How can I have my say on the draft improvement plan?

    Residents and business are invited to provide feedback on the draft park improvement plan for Davies Park at drop-in feedback sessions where the community can provide their feedback in person to the project team. Session details: 

    Session 1 – West End Markets (Montague Road end) Saturday 4 August 2018, 8am to 10:30am. 
     Session 2 – West End Markets (Montague Road end) Saturday 11 August 2018, 8am to 10:30am. 
     The community can also provide feedback online from 23 July to 24 August 2018 by visiting Brisbane.qld.gov.au and searching ‘Davies Park’.

    How were the proposed key features developed?

    Council sought feedback from the community in late 2017 to help shape and inform key features of the improvement plan. Thank you to everyone who provided their thoughts and comments.

    Key findings from the first round of feedback include:

    • Improvements should not alter the    overall natural feel of the park

    • Designs should be simple and practical, and not overdeveloped to allow the character of West End to remain strong

    • The use of hard surfaces should be limited to those necessary for features that require it

    • Don’t spread the improvements so thin that they are not noticeable or useful

    • Priority should be given to enhancing what is there rather than creating big changes.

    • Priority be given to the creation of space that encourage children and teenagers to be active outdoors

    • Focus on improvements that encourage community gathering and recreational activities

    • Improvements should be designed for flexibility to maximise the number of people that can use them in a variety of ways

    • Provide lighting to extend the hours that the park can be used.

    What is the funding for this project?

    Council has $2.1 million in funding this financial year for this project. Delivery of all features within the improvement plan exceeds the available budget for this project, and therefore features will be delivered progressively in line with future funding allocations.

    What are the next steps once feedback has been collected?

    Council will collect and consider all feedback provided by the community on the draft improvement plan. Following this, Council will finalise the park improvement plan and complete the detailed design for the project. 

    When will the improvements be made?

    Following the improvement plan being finalised in late 2018, improvement works are expected to commence in early 2019 on key elements of the plan. 

    Will there be any impact on the West End Markets?

    The Davies Park Market has a current licence to operate in this park and this will remain unaffected. This project will not impact the running of the market.

    Council is committed to providing long-term surety for existing Davies Park tenants and working together to ensure the park provides diverse sport and recreational opportunities into the future.

    Does the project impact on Souths Rugby League Club?

    Council is working closely with Southern Suburbs Rugby League Football Club, who have had a presence in the park for more than 100 years. The club has agreed to reduce their leased area to improve outcomes for the community. The additional area will increase green space and provide room for new park features for the club and community to enjoy. 

    Where can I get more information about the Davies park improvement project?

    To find out more about the project, you can:

    visit brisbane.qld.gov.au and search ‘Davies Park’

    call 3403 8888 and ask for the Davies Park Improvement project team

    email the project team on parks@brisbane.qld.gov.au

    What happened to the previous master plan for Davies park?

    Following the devastating flood event in January 2011, funding to complete the Davies Park Master Plan and West End Riverside Parklands projects was reallocated to help repair and restore Brisbane. 

    Funding is not currently available to reactivate these initiatives, and Council does not want to impact existing leases, which are in place with clubs for the next 5-8 years. 

    How does this strategy relate/work with our Greenspace Strategy developed in consultation with the community in 2015?

    Council appreciates the time and effort the community invested in the Greenspace Strategy, however funding is not currently available to deliver on all elements of this strategy.

    The strategy however mentions Davies Park and we are seeking your feedback to deliver improvements to the park that were developed during consultation with the community in late 2017 and are within the allocated budget. 

    What is the Davies Park Improvement Project?

    Brisbane City Council is planning to undertake park improvements at Davies Park in West End to enhance the park’s existing leisure and recreation opportunities for residents and visitors.

    Council is seeking community input to ensure the park improvements align with community desires and values. Residents and businesses are encouraged to contribute ideas and give feedback in person and online from 30 October to 1 December 2017 before designs are prepared.

    What is the purpose of the project?

    Brisbane City Council is committed to keeping Brisbane clean and green, making our city liveable and sustainable for future generations. As part of this vision, Council is seeking community feedback and ideas for how to improve green spaces within Davies Park.

    The purpose of this project is to revitalise the park to increase its attraction and usability for the community. Improvements will focus on areas of the park which do not impact existing leases.

    The project will identify and deliver park improvements which:

    • increase accessible green space
    • accommodate existing community lease activities in the park
    • promote a sense of community and celebrate its cultural heritage
    • increase the recreational use of the park.