Stage one engagement

In the first stage of consultation in March-April 2023, Council asked the community to suggest flowers that are native to Brisbane to inform a shortlist for the additional floral emblem. We also asked for your thoughts on features to be considered in preparing a shortlist.

Community interest was high with more than 700 submissions. Along with being native to Brisbane (Brisbane Local Government Area) you told us the following features were the most important to be considered in choosing a shortlist:

  • Hardy and thrives in Brisbane - the species shortlisted are generally easy to grow and suited to Brisbane's climate
  • Flower colour, length of flowering, size, and showiness were considered
  • Ability to be grown in most locations (parks, gardens or a pot)

Other considerations were safety (non-toxic or thornless), edible components or bush tucker, and the length of the time it flowers for.

Note: some popular suggestions like Golden Penda, Ivory Curl, and Lemon-Scented Myrtle did not make the shortlist as they were not confirmed as being native to Brisbane Local Government Area or were an emblem of another Australian council.

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Consultation has concluded

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