What were some of the key features considered in preparing the shortlist?

    Feedback from community engagement earlier in 2023 indicated the following features were important considerations in selecting an additional floral emblem.

    • Being native to Brisbane Local Government Area
    • Hardy and thrives in Brisbane
    • Flower colour, length of time of flowing, showiness of the flower
    • Ability to be grown in most locations (parks, gardens, or a pot)

    Some popular suggestions included plants/flowers that are native to Australia, Queensland, or South East Queensland (e.g. Golden Penda, Ivory Curl, Lemon-Scented Myrtle, Flame Tree) which did not make the shortlist as they were not confirmed as being native to Brisbane Local Government Area or were an emblem of another Australia council.

    Brisbane's current floral emblem is the Poinsettia.  Although native to Mexico and Central America, it grows well in Brisbane.  The Poinsettia is well known for its red and green foliage, flowers in winter and is widely used in Christmas floral displays.

    About the Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

    Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

    • Native to Mexico and Central America.
    • Hardy shrub or small tree that grows up to 5m.
    • Fast-growing, sparse-foliaged shrub with long canes bearing red flowers at their terminals.
    • The ‘flowers’ are coloured bracts that surround the real, insignificant flowers.
    • The most common colour is red. Other colours are available e.g. pink, cream, and white.
    • Flowers naturally during late autumn and winter.

    Did you know?

    • Nurseries can alter the day length in specially designed glasshouses so they flower at other times of the year (e.g. Christmas).
    • Selected in 1930 as the floral emblem for Brisbane.

    Why do we need an additional floral emblem?

    Our current floral emblem is the Poinsettia, selected by the people in 1930 and while it grows well in Brisbane it is native to Mexico.  

    This project is to select an additional floral emblem native to Brisbane that represents our vibrant and dynamic city as we are today.

    The new floral emblem will join the Red Poinsettia as one of the official symbols to represent our city.

    Are you replacing the Poinsettia?

    No, this will be an additional floral emblem to represent our city.